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different story if it is on the go for two years now? I do not think there could be any cause for your being forced to reopen anything - even if she goes to the lawyer. Correct me if I need to learn something here about mediation, settlements and divorce but is not the mediated agreement the conditions to which your seperation agreement is built on, and if you go through with it to the end - it then represents the conditions of your divorce settlement/agreement that I thought was essentially for keeps. This would mean we get one chance at making an agreement we are satisfied with. Once done, signed and filed with the court it basically finalizes the whole process that took so much effort to complete in the first place?

So this is also the first time I have heard of a mediated agreement for the purposes of seperation/divorce that had a lifespan - five years or otherwise? Can anyone elaborate on this...... after hearing so many times "you had your shot to negotiate. If you don't like it, or if you missed some sort of clause then a big ToUgH! It is too late so get used to it!" (this having nothing to do with the annual revisiting of support conditions and the exchange of each others annual incomes.)