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there was a post here that gave a real good case study on why a spouse did not want to continue through and sign what in this case would be an incomplete mediation agreement. You speak of absolutes (yes/no - black/white) where in reality it doesn't matter because you never had a mediated agreement! For it to be complete it would take both your signatures on it!

So why do you not instead look at this as what is preventing your ex spouse from going through with the agreement in its current state? There are 1001 reasons why your ex spouse is backing out and maybe just one for her to be satisfied? It can be anything from a small piece of wording that he/she discovered was missing and would make this a better more solid, more likely to be followed agreement to a huge ommision or worse (say your spouse now feels they were railroaded into making decisions and now there has been a period of time to think about it there is hesitation.

I only put a couple of reasons here there are 999 other possible ones?? Might be a logical step to speak to your stbx and ask what is the hesitation? You maybe surprized to find out it is not a whole new document but just a minor tweek that you do not object to??