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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
At first it was to find out if step fathers are a statistical significantly higher risk to step daughters - Now its actually an experiment into how people REFUSE to believe something that they don't want to NO MATTER what proofs are presented.

I am still waiting for somebody to post something significantly contrary to what I posted... If you can find something reputable - I'm happy to seriously consider it
You never answered the question fully... WHY is this something you want to find out? What event made you want to research this topic?

I don't think it is about people refusing to believe sexual abuse exists. We all know it does, however so does physical, mental and verbal abuse. Their are risks associated with everything kids do in life. My step kids go and play on the hill across the street, there is a risk they may fall down the hill and break their arm/leg. There is a risk of driving with children in a car and getting in an accident.

Tell me something, is this something you are going to share with your daughter? Are you going to let her know she should not trust any man in her life but you, especially her Mom's new partner because she might get sexually abused?

If you are so good at looking up statistics, why don't YOU research how many father's sexually abuse their children? Or how many siblings sexually abuse their younger siblings? You are searching for only one type of statistics because you want to try and validate your concerns, but if we are serious about knowing the statistics of sexual abuse in children, you would research the WHOLE picture, not just pick and choose.
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