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I personally own three recorders. Keep one in the car, one attached to the phone, and one in my purse...I also recommend everyone own one in marital strife.

Example: A phonecall with my stepdaughter. Mom accused me of an inappropriate conversation. Dad and I disagreed. Mom admitted that the conversation would have been appropriate had it occurred two months later, while stepdaughter was in our care. If Mom should decide to claim in court that I have "inappropriate conversations" with my stepdaughter? I have her on tape saying that she felt it would have been appropriate had I waited to discuss...timing makes the difference? really? So....not inappropriate

After that incident, I started recording every interaction between my stepdaughter and myself, because I refuse to be another barrier to the relationship between stepdaughter and her dad....and I told Mom as much. Makes for less tension all around, albeit more muting on the other end of the line...

Call me cynical, but I see the worst of it every day, and I practise the CMA standard....COVER MY ASS!