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Originally Posted by iona6656 View Post
So just correct it and mosey on your way. Do you think taking a stand on this is going to magically get your ex to stop being petty and ignorant?
This is my recommendation. Simply correct it and move on. The ex knows it bothers you, so they are likely to continue to act like this going forward. If you remove the fuel, there will likely be less fire for them to want to annoy you.

At best you could send an email advising that you were at X activity/service provider (doctor/dentist/dance etc.) and saw the name was incorrect in their records and that you corrected it. That going forward the ex should make efforts to ensure the child's name is correctly recorded when registered.

But outside of that, I wouldn't get twisted. My ex was similar. While my ex did list me on the notice of birth and asked me to sign, my last name was not included. I brought it up, and that went over about as well as nuclear bomb. At the time, and given my frame of mind, I felt it was more important to see my kid than to create disputes. So to this day my kid has my ex's last name only. My daughter knows she is also part me, which is more important to me than a name ( she looks more like my side anyway, lol) .
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