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Default How Do I Respond to This?

I have a high conflict ex. We've just been through another round of craziness with letters flying back and forth between lawyers. This past weekend was his weekend and he sent me this email:

An important FYI..

I just had a conversation with S3 one on one and he expressed that you love Twin Brother more than he out of the blue. im sure that is not the case and i told him so but i find it important to tell you so that you can be aware and talk to him about it.

Obviously the continuation of that thought would be damaging to him.

I know that kids feel like this all the time....I remember saying something like this to my mother as well. And more importantly...he (they) are 3.5, not exactly the age to be having a "conversation" of this nature. Normally I just ignore stuff like this, but seeing as it comes hot on the heals of his latest antics...should I respond? If so, I'm not sure how to. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.