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Originally Posted by KEEPITREAL13 View Post
Hey everyone thanks for this great site.

Need some advice, with in my heart I have a feeling we have nothing left to do.

In a nutshell:

- Husband left (2) kids in 2009, separated, followed sep agreement and divorced moved to GTA; kids were in GTA of 30kms away; joint custody he every other weekend and 1 weeknight overnightt
- She had a house paid for but then moved out; moved to the most expensive part of town and now she has no money, no job, so wants to move
- trying to speak normally to her she blames the past for him leaving her 5 years ago
- he pays child support tables - but for some reason she think he makes more?
- 5 years later kids now (13) and (10) X wants to move 150 kms away up north
- she 5 years and still refuses to work and decided shes moving away for her happiness and the kids since he has missed all the kids things and he has not contributed to their lives
- X wants to move 150 kms away with no car and refuses to put a new access schedule as requested; instead insists on how horrible father he is and his contributions have been for 5 years so it doesn't matter and she will do what makes her happy and won't talk unless they sit down
- She truly believes that his current access to the kids means nothing
- She has been brain washing the kids saying if we move north you can do so much more but not see daddy anymore
- He wants to see his kids, he is a executive with a very time consuming job, and as such as requested a schedule of access in which she won't grant
- we sent a email saying we don't consent, and see lost her S** saying all the things you can imagine.

What is the best way to resolve this behaviour ?
this seems to contradict what you are saying about the timeline for when you got with him versus when he left his wife. Just pointing out inconsistences in your story. You say you have been with him for 8 years and married for 4.

if he already has a schedule for access then it should be followed unless its changed. He can request more time in summer or whatever.

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