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I sent a registered letter to FRO at the same time as I sent the registered letter to the ex. there is a form you can get from the FRO website called an application to terminate ongoing support. As the post above states you should do that also but the ex has to agree to it and respond back to FRO. It may work but don't count on it. It's no secret that FRO is under staffed and not very efficient in many ways. I never got a response from FRO regarding the letter I sent and that was in January 2008. Still wouldn't hurt to send one though as it will be more proof that you tried everything you could before begining court proceedings. If you have an ex that won't cooperate with you they most likely wont agree to having FRO terminate your support obligation. Everything you can try before court is worth a try, court should be the last option you use and not to mention the most costly.

State on each letter that you're giving them 30 days to respond and after 30 days if you've heard nothing get a good lawyer and get the ball rolling. Keep proof of everything you send and do.