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I don't feel I was "left" with education as I really wanted this.

Our current and new access schedule is a two week rotation, week 1 I have D6 from Saturday @3:00pm until Wednesday @3:00 or after school. Week 2 I pick up D6 Sunday @3:00 and have till Wednesday @3:00 or after school. This in turn gives me steady holidays with D6.

We have been using this access schedule since our separation and the Christmas thing was in our court order for the first xmas and really is what I wanted.

If down the road the ex wants to fight for more holidays I have the draft minutes of settlement that has her wanting Thanksgiving but had been scratched out.

During summer we will change to week about with returning to regular access before school starts.

Pretty happy with the outcome here. Have to give credit to my ex for not being able to plan for the future.
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