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Default School Emergency Contact

Is the non custodial parent usually listed as an emergency contact at school?

I have no issue with having dadís contact info at school. My issue is the emergency part.

Dad is a mechanic often out in the road for test drives or stuck under a hood of a car...

Should dad be the next contact after myself?
A) he lives 45 mins away
B) never answers his phone
C) my mom who is 5 minutes from the school have always been in the list as she is retired.

So my thinking is... the kids are always with me during the week... why would dad need to be listed as the emergency contact?

I guess I could make him third after mom then Grandma..

They now want the school verification forms. They are demanding them from me. After the judge told him to get this stuff himself??

Guess my latest offer wonít be getting accepted. [emoji51]

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