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Default Oh I am trying..

It may sound easy but it is not... she is hurting fairly badly over the whole thing as am I, she is going through her own problems as well, and is whincing at the separation as am I... shes made a few attempts at talking it out here and there, but we need to try and build a new freindship before anything, that is what i am trying to do...
I am still willing and I am told that that makes a huge difference.. that at least I have not given up, I am told.... I know that she has not as well completely, but she is also being told and councelled by others as well, and some of it is quite manipulative.. , but she has her own issues, and always has... it is going to take a huge bit of healing time, she has already declared bankruptcy,, and I am left with the rest of the debts and it is looking that way for me as well.
I am trying to connect with her hurt, this is a mess for all of us. I refuse to be selfish and be angry, I have tried to go the route for councelling and she knows that, its her ball so to speak. I will encourage her but I won`t even begin to try and push her at this time. that would not be fair.
thanks for the advice... Id love to be on one of those sites saying " oh we woorked it all out its like magic again", its alot tougher out there in the real world...hurt clouds judgement, I have seen or heard the woman I married only several times since this occurred back in the fall... that tells me alot of her own levels of stress and hurt....