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No we have not seen any counsellors ... yet at least. I tried that route.. so much has happened she keeps saying.. we gave up our home today.... which was really sad... It appears as though I will have to follow suit and go bankrupt as well.... I think I can only hope to be friends at this point.. she has tried to reach out bit there are many factors in this which are affecting us both.. she is very hurt..
She does want to see my therapist at some point though.... which I know will do us both some good-- I know he can at least explain things to her... which will be a new starting point.. I am hoping that she calls him..
I have been told to give her plenty of space.. and get the separation agreement laid out and things will quiet down from there at least... I saw her and our son today... for a short time.
Any advice on getting our freindship and trust re-established would be great.. I am not ready for divorce.... and I do not think she is either.. I keep hoping for second chances at this but I am told that it takes alot of healing time..
Any advice.... would be great, we were such close freinds..