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Default She lost it today..

Well, here we go again.. Ive been very nieve...
My ex had called yesterday with our son who I spoke to, then this morning I called to ask to see him and our daughter and she lost it... very angry.. lots of very cruel words.. she says that until I reply to her lawyers letter and set up access that I cannot see them.. and that she expects me to step up and take care of this.. she was so angry.. I know she wants her lawyers retainer back.. she is blaming me for her declaring bankruptcy as well....
I have never been abusive in any way to them, she knows I love our kids too...I was always a great Daddy.. two weeks ago shes speaking of asking me to come hom etc.. and resolviong issues then bam- it has just gone completely downhill all the way looks like shes going to make a fight of it.. she was intentionally trying to hurt me, and it worked real well...
I really had been hoping for an end to this but it does not look like it at all.
I am going to have to realise that this mess is going to get messier, she just will not stop being reactive.. she wants to be angry it seems... she lashed out worse than ever this am.. she does not seem to understand that she has no grounds at all to hold the kids from me for any reasons... and she has been given some really bad advice...
this is just awful.. was not supposed to be this way..