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Hi DD,

The negotiations are out of court, between her and I atm. I do not have copies of her past taxes, she took this in the separation. I have been pushing for all of her financials but so far she seems disorganized at best. I will have to wait to to answer some of your questions (CPP, diability tax credit and taxable or non taxable).

I make 54k but will be starting new job increasing to 63k in a couple of weeks. My income is not disputed. I am repartnered and new partner is working full time but at about 25k per yr, she has 3 children 1 of which lives with us full time. STBX reported 22.7K from what ive been told. At this time she receives full gov benefits for children, about 1300$ per month under new liberal program but this will probably change as soon as we have a written agreement, CRA will automatically start splitting if I understand? I have crunched the numbers (with what I have) and even with the raise and her loosing half the benefits she would still fall into the 40-45% range of our INDI's but again I do not have all the info.

Any other questions let me know. I will update this when I have all the info, hopefully sooner than later. She seems keen on getting this done and we have both been quite reasonable, I do understand there is an obligation to equalize and I would not want my kids to be without while with Mom, no matter how frustrating that is. Just trying to come up with something that is fair.
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