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If anybody out there could help me find some case law on application of SSAG "with child support" where the recipient has a long term disability (no longer works). It would be greatly appreciated.

I will give a brief description, if that helps.
Cohabitation 15yrs / Marriage 5
2 children (D7 - S9) Shared 50-50
STBX has been on long term disabilty for approx 10 years

We are trying to settle out of court and the range in SS is so broad that I am finding it difficult to know where to put in an offer on duration and amount. In the interim I have been paying at the higher end of the range but this is unsustainable and leaves her in a position where she is actually earning quite a bit more than I. Looking for some case law to give me some direction. Any suggestions or advice is welcome.
I just realized there is a mistake in above info cohabitation was 10yrs not 15. I understand this can make a difference in spousal support cases as there is a 20 year threshold.
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