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I was self-employed sole proprietor and was on my ex's plan, which was provided by her public sector employer, and very generous. She cut me off a few weeks after separation stating she was required to. It was a lie, of course. She was just being vindictive.

The judge didn't remark on it. I didn't make an issue of it, I just arranged my own coverage. AFAIK there is no "requirement" in law for a spouse to keep the other covered by the plan. As I said before, if there is an entitlement to support, this can be included in support.

If there is no entitlement to support, I don't see how it can be argued that coverage is "required" other than to be a decent human being.
My ex did the same to me, cut me right off. I was self-employed, working part-time and doing some work sessional for the college. It was years before I had employment coverage again. And then I started having to pay for it ... LOL. Still cheaper than the drugs, etc.

The problem with securing coverage with pre-existing conditions in the free market, without a group insurance plan, is that it's hugely expensive. You'll be exempt from dental claims for a minimum of 6 months, yet have to pay the premium, and they can quickly disqualify you for any LTD, STD benefits based on medical history.

There's no requirement for anyone to cease their benefits for their covered spouse either. And doing so, without notice or reason is just vindictive and mean.
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