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Unfortunately I've had a lot of experience in requiring drugs I couldn't afford and having no drug coverage.

If you are on CPP Disability, then you need to apply for ODB - Ontario Drug Benefits. If the drug isn't covered, ask your physician to complete exception forms, asking ODB to cover the drug.

Re-apply for Trillium now that you have no coverage. You may think you're income too high, but claim your dependent boys and forecast the cost of your drugs if they weren't covered.

Go through the courts and get your agreement enforced, or what you need to do. He can always pay the premiums of Blue Cross or a private insurer if ordered, or negotiate with his current insurer for costs outside of his employment coverage.

Appeal to your doctor. Tell them your situation. They'll help with forms etc. Contact, or have your doctor contact, the drug makers and ask for compassionate coverage, or whatever that manufacturer calls it. They have all sorts of outreach programs.
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