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Default "Proof of expense"

Its been 48 hours since he sent his demand for a full copy of the receipt. The only response he has was from kid telling him he was unreasonable. After 45 minutes of arguing (well, she was yelling he just kept saying proof of payment is what he is entitled to) she leaned toward agreeing with him and said she would talk to mom. Its obvious how that went.

Two new arguments though: the SA says nothing about what proof of the expense is (i.e. Shes right sending him the proof of the CHARGES) and "lawyer" says she doesnt have to show private info and payment amounts are private.

And for those who ask "why doesnt he just work with kid"? "Mom says no because she wants to make sure shes gets what shes owed."

Unless shes planning to send it at the deadline he gave as a F you, shes hiding something and now cant admit it.
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