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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post

Is it worth responding and stating just that? "The alterations to the statement demonstrate an unwillingness to be forthcoming with total costs payable. If you have nothing to hide then why are these totals withheld? A falsified receipt is not only unfair but illegal. You have until x date to provide a complete, unedited, non-redacted receipt otherwise I will be providing my portion of the costs outlined in the unaltered receipts."

Too much?
Yes, I think it's too much. You don't need to ask questions you already know the answer to, and you don't need to inform her that faking documents is wrong. How about:

In order to reimburse my portion of the costs, I require an original, unaltered and unmodified statement showing the amount paid and showing any credits or refunds. The statement you sent me has signs of alteration. Please send me the original.
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