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I went back and looked at the print out and the pdf zoomed in. The credit box beside the tuition cost has been whited out. There was another tuition credit ex doesnt want to show. My partner knows kid didnt take a full course load. Drops are refunded from total tuition costs charged.

I ask this, if she has nothing to hide and wants to provide total costs paid, why are credits whited out, totals for credits applied whited out, and total payments made whited out.

Is it worth responding and stating just that? "The alterations to the statement demonstrate an unwillingness to be forthcoming with total costs payable. If you have nothing to hide then why are these totals withheld? A falsified receipt is not only unfair but illegal. You have until x date to provide a complete, unedited, non-redacted receipt otherwise I will be providing my portion of the costs outlined in the unaltered receipts."

Too much?
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