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Default "Proof of expense"

Im asking a question I know everyone says is "no receipt no pay" but it may not be as simple as that. My partner and his ex, post secondary...

After eight months of waiting, he heard "lets go with your estimates from last year and settle this issue, pay me this much money" to which my partner responded you have final costs, send the proof of the expense. Then "heres my cost breakdown but the agreement doesnt specifically say what proof is so I dont have all receipts" and included about $600 in legitimate receipts with a request for $18000 in other costs including a doctored statement with costs listed but credits whited out, his response was send the unedited receipt. Her response is that the amounts she left on the receipt are less than his estimates so thats proper proof. Theres credits on the receipt. She didn't pay the full amounts listed. Its not right to claim a higher total than what you paid right? She admitted in the second email to $2000 in credits, theres more credit codes but no dollar amounts on the statement. What exactly is she hiding?

Short of ignoring her bs, is there anything in case law or the FCSG that clearly states what acceptable proof of an expense is? As in "my portion of the legitimately proven costs is x, when I receive a full undoctored receipt for the remaining costs, I will provide my share."
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