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This IS actually a pretty black and white situation. There really isn’t a “grey” area when it comes to daycare/summer camp qualifying as s7. As long as they are in it because the parent is working or going to school then it’s s7.

Your friend and her ex have established 2 years of shared parenting status quo.

Your friend agreed to a week on/week off summer schedule.
Your friend is responsible for child care on her weeks. The ex has no say on who cares for them. The ex must contribute his proportionate share to this.

The ex is responsible for childcare on his weeks. Your friend has no say on who cares for them. Your friend must contribute her proportionate share to this. If it is a basic summer camp then the cost will be reasonable and justified. If he signed them up for horseback riding summer camp where the queen of England comes to teach them etiquette over lunch then your friend might be able to argue that the cost is excessive.

If your friend signed the kids up for full time daycare and is now stuck paying for the weeks the kids aren’t there, that is her problem. Unless the ex agreed in writing that the kids would go there on his weeks, and then waited til she had committed to that day care and then signed them up for summer camp behind her back.

Summer camp is not excessive. It is a necessary form of care that allows parents to work. A lot of areas don’t have “daycare “ for kids 5-12 and that is the only option.

Tell your friend to get a formal agreement in writing

Tell your friend that how much money the new gf makes has zip to do with zilch
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