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Default Tricky section 7?

So I was talking to a friend of mine from years ago who is struggling currently.

Couple have been separated for 2 years almost. No formal agreement in place
He makes $105 she makes $80 thereís two children with shared custody. They got along fine until he got a new GF who also makes $100k and for whatever reason heís now become totally different.

During the school year they do a 2 days a week and every other weekend schedule. But for the summer because he didnít want to continue that (basically because of child care issues and a drive)
They do a week on week off

He enrolled the children in day camps (week long) all summer long on his weeks (basically acting as his daycare) and wants her to pay her proportion of the expenses. Even tho he never asked prior consent just did it?
This is why he does the camps, so someone can watch the children while he works basically. This is why he didnít want them in day care for the summer because their daycare is where they live (40min away) and he doesnít want to drive there daily Iím assuming. Twice a day to boot.
He moved away (30-40min) after they split so I told her itís his responsibility to pick up and drop off.. at some point she agreed to be amicable and meet half way..

Iím curious, if on his WEEKS if she would be required to pay her portion? And should he have asked before enrolling? Because it is clearly for daycare reasons.
I also wonder... is every week in a camp excessive? I think it is. 2-3 summer camps is reasonable in my mind[emoji2369]
I told her thatís a tough call. Even if the kids were still in day care you would be paying your share for that. So either way youíre both paying one way or another heís just being a dick.

I suggested she tell him fine I will help pay for camps on your weeks but I will no longer drive halfway, you can pick up and drop off weekly since you moved away,
So thatís the second question. Can she actually do that?
She says her lawyer is not helpful at all and just says give him whatever he wants itís better than court. Which, obviously anything is better than court. But I feel you should stand your ground if you have to stand on.
Thatís why I told her itís tricky as sec 7 isnít all black and white its very grey

AMY info and links would be greatly appreciated.


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