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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
You would have a hard time getting professionals at say Mini Skool, The Salvation Army, Montessori, school attached daycare, or reputable daycare provider of reasonable size, to engage in parental nonsense. These kinds of organizations have well-structured governance and other policies and procedures for dealing with parents who live separate and apart. They are not rinky-dink operations run by an angry person who hates you. They are large organizations that manage risk and are FAR MORE ACCOUNTABLE than what you are experiencing.
Lmao. Don't kill me. "well-structured governance" Yeah let's follow our mandates and pickup the phone and call the CAS on dad and rig up the child to say her dad was beating her with a belt, and deny the fact that the child fell down the stairs at daycare. And to not let him find out I wasn't even home and my son was looking after their kid. Meanwhile, let's accuse him of not feeding the kids properly and give him a stink eye everytime he comes by. Rinky Dink is perfect term for the daycare that was unilaterally chosen for our child by mom. An angry person who hates me is bang on. Manage risk? Lmao. please stop with your humour. They're usually a bunch of high school/college drop outs without any degrees, who could not get real jobs. Every seen those ads on kijiji for doggy daycare ? Daycares for lazy neglectful parents. Everyone I know , one parent adjusts their work schedule to look after the kids when the other is working. Everyone normal I know anyways. Don't come across people too often who spend their monthly income on daycare. If they're rich and both have serious jobs and really can't look after the kids and don't have family or friends who can, then maybe so. Maybe 1 or 2 days a week. Not every damn day.

Funny thing my lawyer had a case against that grumpy fat old daycare lady. Oh he has some really good stuff to say about that daycare. To me anyways. He can't really use his personal dealings with other people in his clients cases though, at least he knows what type of person I am dealing with.

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