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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
only option, in my humble opinion, is for a reputable daycare provider to provide care when parents are not available.
She is not available. But I am. and am willing, and eager. I do not support daycare, and really have nothing good to say about it or to talk about it with the child. Daycare doesn't get discussed at my house.

I would agree to using child's before school program a couple times a week. Though child get's lots of socializing at school. No need for daycare to socialize.

You may argue daycare shields the child, but it doesn't. Just helps mom sanction my time, alienate child and bring child closer to mom. That's all. If child's access with me is extended passed the limits childcare subsidy allows, then daycare will be lost, so mom uses that to sanction my access.

Where is case law where standard of perfection is not required. Intact families have conflict and don't live in a perfect world. Why should perfect world be applicable to separated parents ?

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