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Originally Posted by momof2gr8kids View Post
I'm not really sure why your post was so hostile. I am not lying about anything I said in either of my posts. I know it doesn't help me to get advice from people if I'm just making shit up.

I posted because I already feel extremely confused, alone, sad and depressed. I am worried sick about my children.

I really didn't need to read your last post.
You're dealing with a group of parents on here who love their kids as much as you love yours.

They've also been through the family law system. Some of us have been through custody disputes that have lasted years and cost a lot of money.

If you think we're being harsh, wait until you get into the court system.

You and and your case are not different or special. Judges see this stuff every single day...and they handle their cases in a very systematic methodology gleaned from thousands of trials. Its actually a lot easier if you save the emotional part of your divorce/custody situation for vent nights with your friends and recognize that the family law system won't really consider how you feel or what your personal opinion is.

The family law philosophy is simple. Kids come are better off with both parents in their lives (even if the parents aren't perfect)...parents come second but both have equal parental rights under the law.

Read that last paragraph 10 more times.
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