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Originally Posted by firhill View Post
Do a search on this site for the term "status quo" and you will find that it is most likely in your best interest to proceed with the motion to increase.

How much parenting time/access do you have and how long has it been in place?
I currently havew every other weekend from 10am saturday morning to 5pm sunday evening and wednesday from 3:30pm to 7pm.

The OCL has suggested every other weekend from Friday after school to Monday morning pick up at school and Wednesday from after school to Thursday drop off at school.

The current order has been in place since April 2012 after 8 month court battle where I had almost no access at all. Access has been withheld for illness aproximately 50% of my weekends and this has now stopped since the OCL report was released saying our daughter is at risk of PAS.

The other party used many tactics to stall the investigation including refusing to acknowledge receipts of documents I had sent to the investigater and sending the investigater 200 pages of documents 1 week before scheduled discovery and not sending me copies. Discovery was cancelled and OCL report was supposed to be released in November was not released until January 1013.