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Original Poster here......

It's so nice of so many of you to basically call me a liar.

All I know is that my daughter (13) went to her therapist and complained about lack of food in the house when she visits her Dad, erractic driving & scary mood swings.

The therapist then called me at home to tell me that she consulted with her contact at CAS and she passed on the information she was given.

I wasn't comfortable with second hand information so I called CAS myself to find out if there is a case. I was told that since I have custody, as long as I protect my daughter, by either not sending her to her Dad's or by filing an emergency order, there is no need to open a case.

This is the same advice I got from CAS, in a different region, back in 2005 when my ex-husband tried to kill me and I called the cops. The cops informed CAS of the incident and they interviewed my daugther to see if she had been subjected or witnessed any abuse. After interviewing her it was determined that there wasn't a case of neglect or abuse and I was told once again that since I had custody, as long as I was protecting my daugther that they didn't need to be involved.

It's very disheartening to come to this forum for support and advice and to be called a liar. I have no need to lie. I am actually known to be honest, to a fault.

I have always been very supportive of my daughter's relationship with her father. This was also determined by the OCL back in 2009 when my ex tried to take my custody. I have always been flexible with his access requests. I have always followed the court order for his access, even as my daughter stood on his door step crying and begging not to go.

I have always found this forum to be full of great advice, insight and knowledge. I thought this was a place to share information and our stories. I guess not.

If I want to be doubted and yelled at I would have just stayed with my abusive ex
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