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My ex is CAS (lucky me!!!), and I can tell you this, one worker may say lots of things, that doesn't mean their supervisors and managers would agree.

There job is to protect the kids. If they have an issue they feel is important enough to act upon, they act. These people are not the type to sit around. In general, they like the authority they are provided with and take their job seriously, so they take every opportunity they can to use their authority.

If the CAS really did have an issue, they'd have opened a file and started an investigation. They would've scheduled meetings with your ex and made applications to the courts regarding the ex's parenting time.

If there is a real concern and they haven't contacted the ex, then they aren't doing their job. IMO, want you likely have is a worker who is giving suggestions outside their role, and basing their suggestion off of information you told them. A file isn't likely to be opened, because it is likely it wouldn't meet the smell test, be severely scrutinized. This could look bad on the worker.

Unless the child would be harmed by exercising their parenting time, the child should go. And unless you are going to file a motion to change the parenting schedule in accordance with the CAS suggestions (if they are willing to put it in writing), the child should go. If you don't file first, you leave yourself open for contempt.
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