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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
I would REALLY appreciate it danzunchy if you could send me a private message on the forum with the Judge in the matter's name. I would really like to review the judges' case law postings on CanLII in Family Law matters.

1. Letters, should be "ripped" apart as they are not affirmations to the truth and the court, just as the judge demonstrated quite graphically, does not consider them unless the provider testifies and is cross examined on the content.

2. In the matter, the judge should have (my opinion) ordered the matter to viva voche in 7 days and ordered the police and all medical practitioners to be cross examined.

3. The costs order of both parties to have to pay costs to the court, although you may not agree with it, is what should be happening when BOTH parents are unreasonable in their requests to the court. If they are represented by counsel the COUNSEL should also be ordered to pay costs for the frivolousness and stupidity being brought to the public court system as they are technically OFFICERS OF THE COURT.

More judges need to take this approach with parents who are attempting to leverage the police, CAS and contravene law to gain an advantage in a custody and access matter.
Yeah well I got a question of Canlii: I have about 4-5 important decisions in Family court and not a one has appeared on Canlii. How do I get my decisions on there? None of them are there. The judges have done fantastic work on my case and one is most likely precedent in re: to OCL and police and CAS involvement. I think it will help a lot of people but not one case of mine is on there. I was threatened by the Deputy Chief of Police that if I publish one particular decision that was very nasty against the cops I would be charged with "defamatory libel". I told him to shove it and have the balls to go after the Judge not me. I would love for my cases to be public.
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