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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
CAS in Ontario doesn't have the Ombudsman on their back *yet*. Ontario is the only jurisdiction in Canada (i think) that isn't responsible to the Office of the Ombudsman for their conduct.

You can add Legal Aid to the list of organizations who are also operating improperly, funding frivolous lawsuits and not diligently protecting the assets of the public they have been provided to insure that public funds are not obtained through fraud.
Oh they are on CAS back and have hundreds of files open. They are close to taking the MUSH sector and CAS is their number one target. However, much more than Andre on their back they are getting slashed and burned in the budget dept. like crazy. I know because my sister works for CAS in Downtown Toronto. They only take the most serious cases and have been weakened by litigation.

PS. Legal aid doesn't provide money for civil lawsuits anymore????? I thought it's only criminal and some family.
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