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Another thing has come up as my child is applying for high schools. My ex has sent me a text stating he is having them apply to high schools. We live 20 km apart from each other in the same city There is a high school near his house but they are not eligible for bussing. We could likely swing having them go there. There is a high school near my house that they could be bussed from.. Only 5 km's from my house.

He has notified me that he is having them apply to 3 high schools..

The 3rd high school is 40 km from my house and 18 km from his house. It is not in the city that we both live in. It is in a direction away from the city and also away from my work as I work in a central location in the city. The reason he is applying there is because girlfriend lives in a town near that school.

I know my child does not want to go to that school.. However him applying me is frustrating.. Should I do anything about this or just ignore it as I don't think there is any chance they would go there.
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