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Unhappy Endorsement to an order

Does anyone know how I can convert an endorsement into an order? What form will I need and what Rule # can I look at?
This was a 30 year misery and the respondent husband has refused to get a lawyer and I've run out of money. We've had a case conference and case settlement. Both times the judge wouldn't make an order but was very stern with respondent to settle.
This is a simple case, I want my half of the assets (he emptied the bank accounts when I caught him cheating). I'm entitled to support.
I don't understand why the judge won't just make an order, there's abuse involved and I have a mountain of evidence for everything.

We're going to a trial conference in January, one year after our separation date. No kids involved - they are both adults and married.

How do I get a judge to make an order?