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ex made false allegations that my grandson or myself put some bruises on my great grandaughter legs, I know the mother did it, because we had been reporting the bruises to cas for the last month they had me do a polygraph first to be honest they did not actually say I had failed it, they said I did badly on it and then tried to get me to confess to bruising her, of course I did not so I just said they were wrong regardless of what the test said, then they said they could not do my grandsons because of my results, I am not going to admit to something I did not do, because I know I did not do it, even accidently, she made the allegation the day the child was supposed to come back to us, and apparently noticed it the day after the child returned from us, but did not report it for 4 days, yeah right, she knew what would happen as soon as we noticed it on the child, we would have reported it right away,
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