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No New Day, you are not wrong. Most lawyers and Judges aren't smart enough to figure out what income is for child support purposes.

Ex and her lawyer tried to use Line 150 income on my and that idiotic Divorcemate program. I got Divorcemate banned from my case because it showed I owed something like 800 or 900 a month (can't remember the exact figure). Then when everything was taken into account, I owed zero. Still have the trial decision where the judge dismissed spousal support. I wish I could post it here but that probably isn't allowed.

Line 150 is not income for support purposes. It never has been and it never will be. People on here need to stop spouting that nonsense.

At trial, I got the following lines excluded from Line 150 income including:

Line 10400 Other Employment Income
Line 12000 Taxable Dividends
Line 12100 Interest and other investment income
Line 12200 Limited Partnership Income
Line 12300 Taxable Capital Gains
Line 12900 RRSP Income

I didn't test any of the other lines at trial. My basic argument was this:

She bought a house and I decided to rent and invest. So you're punishing me just because my investment income is taxable and hers is non-taxable (capital gains in a house). So I said ok if you include my investment income as income for child support purposes then I want her non-taxable capital gains in her house each year added to her income.

At trial decision, all my investment income was excluded for child support purposes. Of course now it's a non-issue with TFSA's. I just put all my income in there and now it's non-taxable just like hers.

They also brought a contempt of court motion against me and that was dismissed too.

There were two things I will never ever forget about that trial.

At one point during the trial, the judge was furious with my ex (I forget the exact reason). So he scremed at her and asked her what her problem was. And me being the politically incorrect person that I am said "She's a c*nt, that's what her problem is" Then the judge screamed at me and said if he heard another outburst like that from me, he'd hold me in contempt of court (but I saw a little smile so I think he liked what I I told him I was just trying to help by answering his question.

Then at the end of the trial, the judge made this comment. Mr [my last name] Based on your writing and conduct in Family Court, you think you are smarter than every Family Court Lawyer and Family Court Judge including me. Then he paused and I thought he was going to screw me. But then he finished his statement by saying...and you probably are and then he dismissed spousal support and contempt of court.

I stayed after everyone except the bailiff (or whoever that guy that watches is called) had left and I said to him. Tell the judge I think he's pretty smart too and a mind reader. Because I do think that.

By the way, I'm an accountant too but based on what I read on this thread a hell of a lot smarter than the other accountant who posted here who blindly wants to accept Line 150 as income.
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