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Line 150 is the starting point. If you have a simple tax return it's fine, however if you have investment income or self employed, you may have additional deductions/additions. Divorsemate has the same deductions/additions, your lawyer just need to know where to input them. Many lawyers don't understand the adjustments, so they ignore them.

I had to go 3 rounds with my ex's lawyer before she input my deductions into her divorsemate software to get to my number. Either she was stupid or she wanted to rack up the bill for the ex. When I pointed her to the government website and explicitly calculated my income, she found the inputs on her divorsemate.

Worksheet 1: Calculate your annual income

Total income before adjustments
Line 1 Total income (line 150)

Adjustments to total income (use annual amounts)

Line 2 Taxable child support received
Line 3 Spousal support received from the other parent
Line 4 Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)
Line 5 Split-pension amount
Line 6 Employment expenses
Line 7 Social assistance received for other members of the household
Line 8 Excess portion of dividends from taxable Canadian corporations
Line 9 Actual business investment losses
Line 10 Carrying charges
Line 11 Prior-period earningsNA
Line 12 Partnership or sole proprietorship income
Line 13 Total deductions from income (add lines 2 through 12)


Line 14 Capital gains and capital losses
Line 15 Net self-employment income
Line 16 Capital cost allowance for property
Line 17 Employee stock options with a Canadian-controlled private corporation
Line 18 Total additions to income (add lines 14 to 17)
Annual income for child support purposes

Line 19 Annual income for child support purposes (line 1 minus line 13 plus line 18)
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