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Originally Posted by DHTO View Post
If you are an accountant why do you accept Divorcemate for your calculations? I can see why the layperson would just go with the flow, but to calculate the proper amount isn't that difficult using Excel.

Plus some people will have significant adjustments to their Line 15000 income for the purpose of child/spousal support calculations (carrying costs come to mind).
I do not accept Divorcemate, the whole community of justice accept it! (judge, lawyers, paralegal, juridic assistance, law firms, etc...) Yes you can use Excel to calculate your share but they will use DivorceMate to confirm the amount anyway.

As an accountant, when i work on income statements I worry only for all the amounts that will lead to line 15000 which includes revenues less the deductions. This is what we will communicate to RCA.

If you feel that line 15000 is not the appropriate amount to use according to your situation, then you can argue and propose your own figures based on your findings. Be prepare as those will certainely be challenged by the opposing party and only in rare and specific circumstances (like self-employed) the judge will diverge from the actual amount file with RCA. Do the maths to establish if it's worth the effort and money to argue in court.

For those who should be paying less than the table amount like a parent having to travel long distance to exercice his parenting time, the amount will be ajusted only after the first set of calculation are made and conceeded.
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