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Do your own calculations on the following site:

Basically, you each take line 15000 (no longer line 150) from your NOA or Income statement and you add this as your income for SS and CS calculations under the payor and the recipient. Then you add the children, date of birth, date of marriage, date of separation, etc....

The system will identify the amount to be paid as CS fixe and a range (within a fork) for spousal support. This amount must be established on consent between the parties otherwise, argue at court.

Note the following on SS.

SS is taxable meaning that it will be part of the income but only next year. For the first year, it won't be showing on it's line 15000 as it is newly ordered. But when filing the income statement with RCA, the recipient will need to declare the SS portion and only then it will be included in it's line 15000 and after.

CS is not taxe deductable and therefore has no impact on line 15000.

Keep it simple... take line 15000 and move on.
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