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Default Spousal income vs Child Support

Quick background. I have most parenting time with the ex EOW. OCL sided in my favour and looks like they wont be challenging it.

My ex verbally told me yesterday he will start to pay support this week, and we got the papers today to consent to amending pleadings for spousal from me to him.

I'm tired and bleeding money. I think my ex is out of money. Which is why I'm surprised he's filing today. I've asked for us to talk today as I'm trying to see if we can come to an agreement before we spend another year or more at this.

My question, if I pay him spousal, that's taxable income for him, this I know. But does that be included to calculate child support back to me? Like if his income goes from 50000 to 60000 cause of the spousal payment, is child support based on the 60000? I'm just trying to get the facts before I plead my case and try to get us to get this done.
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