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Originally Posted by cleanSlate View Post
He isn't wrong.
It pays very little more to actually work in many cases. Here is a nice one.

-legal aid for those that don't work but get 1/2 of the assets and child support while the working parent gets no help. How is that fair?

Please don't say you are laughing at him.
He said "women need to start paying their dues" and he's tired of carrying them. Not only is that wrong- but it's utterly laughable. If this pandemic has shown us anything is that the work that women, and more specifically mothers do is highly UNDERVALUED.

He sounds like a bitter MGTOW dude. Yes, I am laughing AT him. He wanted to start a website of deadbeat moms. Every post I've seen from him is a gross, and contemptible, generalization of women in separation proceedings.
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