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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post

Yes there are a lot of women who skip out and don�t pay but overall the number is higher (much much higher) for male deadbeats. Is it terrible to be lumped in that category, sure but it�s not as bad as you think.

Instead of holding up this persecution, do something about your situation. More courts are awarding shared custody and recognizing the important role fathers play.

Holding onto anger about something that can�t be changed by venting on a forum is useless. Speak to your local MP and lobby
Courts don’t recognize dead beat mothers… politicians refuse to acknowledge publicly as feminists hold the vote (ie Trudeau under the transparent veil of feminism). CRA still requires the woman of the house hold to receive Child bonuses even if she is not the mother… etc…The system is weighted heavily in favour of women.

Local politicians do know who I am. Behind closed doors they support… in public it would be suicide because people with opinions like yourself that remain the minority with much power… decide the vote. Maybe in 40 years we will have equality. But not this election.

Your personal situation is a very small minority of the fact. A small percentage of men skip on child support payments…. A large portion pays… while another portion struggle to pay…In respect to the two latter categories… lookup the suicide rates of paying men… and then lookup the suicide rates of women. Only facts tell the truth.

Mean while a staggering amount of women happily receive court ordered child support payments and then use the excuse they can’t work (don’t want to work)… however when a man does not work…he is a dead beat dad. When a woman does not work and receives child support she is the victim. Lol how anyone buys this BS is beyond me. A society raised on Montel Williams and Jerry Springer episodes?

You need to do your research… having someone tell you the facts on a web forum (paid by a law firm working the industry to its best)…will not do anyone any good. Your situation is the very small minority… I feel sorry for you situation… but it’s not the majority.
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