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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
The trial started. Before that we spent time on like 20 days of vacation together she's slept over often. They have been seeing her at least every other day.

They say they don't like her daughter, which I respect and told them then don't talk to her. They don't think she is cool basically.

They do like the wife but they just don't want her living with us.

They also do say why should they live with anybody else, totally not concerned with how I feel.
Well honestly if their issue is they donít think the daughter is cool and that was your response? Thatís pretty sad. I assume his new piece of a$$ will have her daughter there as well, how sad that her daughter is going to feel like an outcast and youíre okay with that as long as you get what you want.

It doesnít seem they have very valid concerns other than not wanting to share their space, which I can understand since your main concern is getting some a$$
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