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If she won't agree, you would have to take it to court. For a judge to decide on a different schedule, you have to demonstrate the benefit of that proposed schedule. A judge's only consideration would be the best interests of the child.

So, you need to demonstrate how the current schedule is not working as well for the children as the schedule you propose would.

Are the transitions hard or confusing for the children? Is it hard to get them to settle down? Are they exposed to conflict when you have to see the ex at exchanges? Are the reasons for the original schedule no longer valid (the kids are in school now, bedtimes are later, etc)? Do you live fairly far apart and it's a restless drive every time? Are there activities they want to try that you have been unable to register them for due to the weird schedule?

What would be better for the kids about your proposed schedule? You've touched on a few ways it would benefit YOU, but you need to be focused on the kids to impress a judge. For example, an increased ability to travel with them out of town for her as well as you. More ability to each take them to weekly evening activities. Fewer awkward transitions and less time wasted in travel.

I'd suggest a 2-2-5 schedule, because it would be the smoothest transition from what you have already. Your ex could have full Mondays (she already has bedtime) and Tuesdays (she already has), you could have them Wednesdays (you already have) and Thursdays, and then you alternate weekends. All exchanges would be done through the school, so you'd only have to interact with your ex on unusual occasions.

Then you add in fairer alternating of holidays, including Christmas, almost as an afterthought.

What reasons were there for the original schedule in the first place? Why is your ex so unwilling to change it? Understanding that will help you figure out how to negotiate with her, or how to counter her arguments against a change in court.

Does going from 6/8 overnights to 7/14 overnights change your CS? Are you doing offset already?
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