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Default Ex does not want to change parenting schedule

3 years ago my ex threatened to take me to court to get full custody of my two children when we were separating (I received a nasty letter from her lawyer). I did not want to take the risk, so I agreed to a (crazy) parenting schedule in mediation (kids were ages 2 and 3 at the time).

I have my kids:

Monday 3pm-6pm
Wednesday 3pm-Thursday school drop off
Friday 3pm to Sunday at 6pm

Monday 3pm-6pm
Wednesday 3pm-Thursday school drop off
Friday 3pm-Saturday 9am
Sunday 6pm-Monday school drop off

It is nearly 50/50 which I'm thankful for (which is crazy to say because I should have every right to have half the time with my kids).

But the schedule is pretty much every other day which is hard on all of us. I think it would be better for the kids to be able to settle into each of our places for longer.

The schedule is slanted in my ex's favour a few ways: I cut into my work day 3 days per week to pick them up for school and her only 2. I have them every Friday night (and then the Sunday night), where I would like more weekend time to work on projects, travel, date, socialize, etc.

There are other things I agreed to, like the kids wake up every Christmas morning at her house. I'd love to have the kids at my house Christmas morning at least every other year.

I would like to change to week on / week off, or 2-2-3, or almost anything besides back and forth every day.

Longer stretches with the kids and without the kids will also allow me to travel more for work which I should be doing.

She will not agree to any changes.

(I absolutely won't agree to less parenting time though, I know I'm requesting more time stretches with (and without) the kids, but this can be achievable with 50/50).

Looking forward to hearing some ideas about this! Thanks!
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