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I have never been abusive or unfit, always hard working and supporting my family. 50-50 is what was agreed with the lawyers for the time being, I have them for a week and so does he. When they are with him the kids call me almost every night, when they are with me they do not even want me to pick up the phone when he calls, he usually calls after 3-4 days later. I am now seeking full custody. I have a full time job that I have had for 7 years where as he is continuously changing. I do not want the house and have told the lawyer either he buys me out or house goes up for sale. I have moved on from this house. I am not being greedy all I am asking for is my fair share from the appraisal... keep in mind I left him everything all the furniture except the bed which we had double sets of. he kept the car that is fully paid while I took the one that still owes payments.