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Originally Posted by kate331 View Post
I am in Ontario, and the Dr's letter is from a GP (not a specialist). Absolutely, I will be asking for his access time to increase to reduce my daycare fees My lawyer keeps telling me that access order are really hard to enforce. i.e. if he doesn't take them, a court cant make him.
You donít need a specialist to be written off on stress leave... I find it rather ironic that people are stating this is a tactic for him when he is trying to take care of his mental health. How soon we forget the dad that murdered his two daughters... he clearly had mental health issues... maybe if he had sought help and took some time off to clear his head those two girls would still be alive. Mental illness is real. Not enough is done for those who battle mental illness. Kudos to dad for following his drs advice. I wish more parents would take care of their mental wellbeing rather than push it aside and have it affect their parenting
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