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OK then. She's JUST GETTING STARTED. Just so you know what you are in for..

You will need to find a way to be absolutely beyond blame in all you do, unprovokable, have the patience of 100 men, self assurance to see past her crap (and her lawyer's crap) and believe in your value as a father, super-polite and respectful; in ALL you do you must ensure that you can explain it as an action towards the best interest of your child, refrain from criticizing or in any way 'attacking' your ex's choices/behaviour, no blaming... while at the same time INSISTING that you will be involved in your child's life.

Keep detailed records of all communications and events. When it does come in front of a judge, the better organized party has a huge advantage.

You will have to be a SAINT to see this through. Ready?

Also, please be aware that you can EASILY spend over $20K (or even $50k) on your lawyer. Educate yourself as much as possible on family law. Start reading cases on (search for keywords such as status quuo, restraining order, false accusations, breastfeeding, occupational rent). And make sure that every exchange between lawyers is something that moves you forward - lawyers are very good at sending letters ad nauseum. Get a court date and push towards it (this keeps the pressure on your ex to negotiate in the mean time)

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