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I share a week to week regime as well. I also ran into the very same issue. The paper work simply was not getting back to me when children with thier Mom. I had a difficult time getting the school on board at first. I don't believe they did not wish to co-operate simply they are very busy and often understaffed.

Right now they e-mail me at the begining of every month the schedule of all activities for the month as well as the news letter for the month. This gives me a heads up on what to expect for the entire month.

Report cards are generally sent home with children, the two simple solutions are have a copy faxed to you or have one put aside at the front desk at the school and pick it up. This can be done with all documents on weekly basis. I finnd the schools try to accomadate but need a little reminder from time to time. I understand it it rare for both parents to take a real active interest.

Another method is to communicate through e-mail once week/month what ever suits you with the school or teacher. I've found all the above methods work well for myself and have had comments from the school staff that they actaully appreciate the interst of the parents as it helps the student as well.