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The problem is, with us each having access half of the time, information from the school on days my son is with my ex, is not getting back to me. I always photocopy everything that comes to my home, and put it into a separate folder for my ex in my son's backpack. But there have been two events recently my son has missed out on because I never recieved the information -even though my ex swears he left a copy for me in the bag.

Does anybody have any idea how to remedy this situation of missing information?
Ask the teacher to provide two copies of all documentation and insert each information into individual zip lock bags ie one labelled mom and one labelled Dad. Each parent is not to touch the others ziplock bag. You could even offer to pay the teacher a small fee for the extra photo-copies.

Should I involve the teacher?
The teacher and the school should be aware of the living situation of the child and as such the the child is rotated between homes. The school should also have both parent's work and telephone numbers and be aware of the current custody regime of the child.

Or maybe even go so far as to have an extra set of the information waiting for me at the school that i would pick up on days my son is not with me? Or is that too much to ask of the school/teacher? I don't want tick off the teacher, but I feel so bad for my son when he misses out on stuff.
When the teacher sends home bulletins they always make extra copies as the same information is generally sent to all students. You could also send a book of stamps with self addressed envelopes and ask the teacher to mail the information to you.