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Originally Posted by danzuchy View Post
I am in the GTA area. I have two friends who are going through nasty divorces. Both spouses have no income and are using Legal Aid lawyers. My Friends are paying for their lawyer.
The result: Both say the Legal Aid lawyers are giving them "hell". One has spent 30K, the other is up to 40K. Both say the Legal Aid Lawyers are masters at dragging things on and have appeared in numerous CC and motions. I was under the impression legal aid limits it to one motion, one CC.
As I know there is limit of hours. But they can ask for extension base on case.

So what's the deal? Here you only hear horror stories about Legal Aid lawyers. But when faced with one, people say it's a nightmare because you are paying, the other side is not.
100% agree
So what's the deal with Legal Lawyers? Are they really as bad as described here?
Depends what you a looking for right ) If you have a kid and he is with you Lawyer who can drag for years and built status quo probably would be good for you. And you not paing for that remeber ? )
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